Fur Vests and Turkeys

Hey everyone!

I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks because I’ve been juggling my classes, my internship, and my sanity. This is my first time working while taking classes, so its been a challenge balancing homework AND work. Also, being that I’m recovering from depression, neglecting my mental health is definitely not an option, so this has added its own sets of challenges. Luckily, my semester is almost over, so I’ll have more time soon to focus on my blog and to share my experiences in managing depression this past semester, so be on the lookout for upcoming posts!

Tuesday night, I flew home to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Jersey. Taking a break from 80F degree Miami weather, I finally changed up my outfits for Jersey’s crisp autumn weather. This Thanksgiving, I whipped out my pair of a faux leather pants from Club Monaco – a pair of pants I don’t wear in Miami because I don’t intend on being burnt alive. On top, I wore a turtleneck wool sweater, that’s perfect for cold weather [but probably death if worn otherwise]. The faux fur vest I have on is also from Club Monaco (which may or may not be mine because my friend Anna left it in my closet for months…..). This vest is great for fall weather because it not adds another layer of clothing, but is also so very fashionable in doing so 🙂 . Lastly, my black Nike Roshes, which aren’t the greatest for working out, are perfect for day-to-day wear and making my outfit a little bit more casual and fun! 

Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and stay tuned for my next post!










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