“Understanding Antidepressants” – A Book Review

Public opinion regarding antidepressants vary across the spectrum. Some believe that antidepressants are unnecessary in treating depression and mischaracterized as an ‘easy fix’. Others would denounce that and say that antidepressants allow them to live a normal life. You could also find those, that would agree that antidepressants help, but not without with side effects that affect other aspects of the life. However, I think that when it comes to understanding how antidepressants work, the general population would be at a loss.

As someone who deals with depression, I have always been aware of antidepressants. I’ve heard stories about their unpleasant side effects, and thus, was a little more hesitant towards them. However, my bias against antidepressants was supported with no personal research. In truth, I knew little about the chemical role of antidepressants in treating depression.

However, that changed when………..

I finished reading “Understanding Antidepressants” by Wallace B. Mendelson. Just as the title suggests, the book serves to educate its reader about antidepressants and how they function in the body. Antidepressants, like any other drug, create their effect by interacting with neurons. Different drugs interact with different neurons, and even within antidepressants, how they interact with specific neurons result in different antidepressants. In the book, Dr. Mendelson uses medical jargon and diagrams to showcase how drugs chemically affect the brain, and the discussion is easy to follow. As someone who doesn’t have a medical background, I found Dr. Mendelson’s explanations to be a vital supplement to my understanding of antidepressants.    

The creation of antidepressants dates back to the 1950’s due to a little bit of luck (what luck you ask? I’d tell you, but then you wouldn’t read the book :—) ). As time transgressed, more and safer antidepressants were developed for medical use. As Dr. Mendelson discusses the different drugs created, he also shares their chemical function, limitations, and benefits.

Ultimately the book is meant to help those considering antidepressants to make an informed decision about what drug is best for them. More often than not, I’ve heard people complain about the side effects antidepressants, such as loss of energy and weight gain. As Dr. Mendelson states, each antidepressant has different side effects and the best option is the drug that most suits your needs and preferences. Taking an antidepressant that is incompatible to your needs, only hurts you and contributes to the stigma against antidepressants. Your feelings and concerns regarding weight gain, sex drive, sleeping issues, and anxiety, all play a role in finding the best drug for you.

Understanding your options and how different drugs affect your body, in all their totality, is important for achieving maximal benefit. Most antidepressants are of equal effectiveness and their differences in lay in the side effects and how an individual reacts to the medicine. Thus, it is vital to be knowledgable of your medical condition and the drugs that you put in the body. 

I recommend this book to anyone who takes antidepressants or simply has an interest in understanding treatments for depression. The book is an easy read and presents a comprehensive overview of antidepressants without bogging you down with unnecessary details. 

To anyone dealing with a mental illness, understand your options and figure out what works best for you!


You can find Dr. Mendelson’s book, “Understanding Antidepressants” here on Amazon


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