My second year in Spain as an Auxiliar, Malaga Edition

Hi there!

As some of you know, last year I worked as an English Language Assistant (or an Auxiliar) in Granada, Spain. I was living in Granada for nine months, between September and June. From the beginning of my stay in Granada, I knew that I’d be delaying law school for another year. While I loved working in Granada and fell in love with the city itself, I ultimately opted to leave the city. I decided to continue working as an Auxiliar, but in a different Spanish city: Malaga.  

Where is Malaga?

Malaga is only 1.5 hour car ride south of Granada. It’s a large coastal city that sits on Spain’s ‘Costa de Sol’. Known for it warm weather and beaches, Malaga is a popular destination for both expats and summer tourists. I arrived to Malaga in late September, and even then, I was able to enjoy beach weather up until the end of October. Like Granada, Malaga has a rich history and can be dating back to 770 BC when it was established by the Phoenicians. (Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world – more than 2,800 years old!)

The view from my balcony!

Where do I work?

Unlike in Granada, where I worked in a high school in a nearby town, I’m currently an Auxiliar for two different primary schools in the Huelin neighborhood of Malaga. I work at one school on Mondays and Thursdays, and at the other school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In both schools I mainly work in first, second, and third grade classes (with students aged 6 to 9) during the social and natural science lessons. The obvious downside to working in two schools is not being completely submersed in one school community. However, its been an educational and interesting experience to compare and contrast two public primary schools. Also, the teachers and students in both schools are wonderful!

How do I like it so far?

My experience in Malaga has been a blast! While I miss Granada, I’m glad I made the decision to move here. I have many good friends and my school schedule is organized a lot better than my previous one in Granada. I live a few minutes from the beach, so I love taking walks or sitting down for a coffee along the coast. I also signed up to a nearby gym that overlooks the water – so even working out isn’t that bad! One thing I definitely do not miss is Granada’s icy winter. Due to its location under the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Granada had a uniquely intense winter, unlike other cities in Andalusia. Thanks to the Mediterranean Sea, Malaga’s climate is fairly regulated, with winters unlikely to dip below 50F and with summers characterized by a permanent breeze.

Not only do I have the luxury of having the beach so close by, but I also live a 10 minute train ride from Malaga Airport. It’s the fourth biggest airport in Spain and as a result, it’s easy for me to snag great airfare deals. (Last month, I flew to Barcelona for the weekend for 25 euros roundtrip!)  

Plans for next year?

After more than a year of studying for the LSAT, the plan is to finally go to law school this upcoming fall. While I’m still waiting to hear back from most law schools that I’ve applied to, I can say with 99% confidence that I will return back to the United States this summer. Ideally, I’d love to study law in NYC, but that remains to be seen. Once I get back all my acceptances/rejections and financial aid packages, I’ll be able to make an educated decision!

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For more on my time in Malaga and travels in Spain, stay tuned!

Your’s truly,