My Review on Betterhelp – an online counseling service

Hi there!

A lot has changed and happened in the past few months.  Between making life changing decisions and rearranging my personal priorities (all of which I’ll get into in my future posts), I have been MIA on my blog. After so many months of LSAT and law school preparation, I needed to decide where and when I’ll go to law school. After a lot of back and forth and soul-searching, I decided to accept my admission to Washington University School of Law at St. Louis. However, I wasn’t ready to leave Spain this past summer to start the next chapter of my life. In a fairly last minute decision, I made up my mind to defer my admissions and spend another year in Málaga.

Besides having the support of friends and family during this time, I was lucky enough to see a therapist through BetterHelp – an online counseling service that allows you to have therapy sessions online. As someone who travels a lot, I immediately recognized the appeal of Betterhelp – it was convenient. Traditional therapy requires you to be settled down so that you can maintain a consistent relationship with your therapist. The last time I saw a therapist was during my time at Florida International University – from the spring semester of my freshman year to the end of my junior year. After that, I didn’t bother looking for another therapist, especially when I moved to Spain. While I had health insurance in Spain, I didn’t want to speak to a therapist in Spanish nor was I highly motivated to find and pay for an English-speaking therapist. It wasn’t until Betterhelp reached out to me as mental health blogger and shared their services that I went back to therapy. 

How does Betterhelp work?

My first step with Betterhelp was filling out a questionnaire about my mental health. It was primarily multiple choice with a written part to write about myself and my struggle/history with mental health. Once I completed this, Betterhelp matched me with a therapist. Betterhelp sent my future therapist my information and she later reached out to me. She gave me access to a calendar to set an appointment. Due to a difference in time zone, none of my therapist’s available times worked for me. Fortunately, I worked with my therapist to find a time that worked for the both of us.

It could happen that the therapist you’re matched with doesn’t work for you. If you don’t like your therapist or don’t find your sessions not helpful, Betterhelp encourages you to let them know so that they can pair you up with someone else. Therapy is a personal experience and our journeys are unique, so it is totally okay to want a therapist that makes you feel comfortable. 

What my Betterhelp account screen looks like!


My personal experience? 

I entered my first session with my therapist with some suspicion. I think most people are more guarded when meeting with a counselor, a person who is paid to listen to our problems. However, I think speaking to a stranger about my personal issues via webcam seems less intimate and personal. Luckily, I warmed up to my therapist within the first two/three sessions. Our discussions were casual; it felt as if I was speaking to a friend and perhaps it was easier than speaking to a friend, knowing that as a paid professional, she wasn’t burdened by listening to my issues. She asked a lot about my childhood and my relationship with my parents, guided by the overall belief that our childhood experiences, despite how minor they seem, greatly influence how we currently act and think. Overall, my Betterhelp therapist helped me tap into my subconscious and provide insights that I wouldn’t have realized otherwise. 

My final thoughts…

Betterhelp is an amazing concept. While I was lucky enough to try Betterhelp for free as a mental health blogger, I truly see the value and potential for Betterhelp to help thousands of people. It allows you to continue therapy regardless of where you are in the world, so there’s no excuse not to go to therapy! With more than 3,000 therapists partnered with Betterhelp, I’m confident that anyone can find a therapist that works for them. Not only do you have video sessions with your counselor, but you can also write to them at anytime through an online chatroom. 24/7 accessibility allows you to access your therapist for when you need him/her the most. It also allows you to change therapy session times in case anything pops up. 

While Betterhelp is pricey, there is no price that can be put on mental health. The value of recovery and having someone help you along the way is invaluable. And the possibilities of leading a healthier life is worth it. 

Pricing for BetterHelp is fluid. It costs between $35-$65 a week, billed monthly. This price varies by location which includes unlimited messaging, which compares to the $75-$125 per session cost of a typical counselor.

However, thanks in part to a partnership with Betterhelp, I can give my readers a one week free trial through this link!!!

I highly recommend taking advantage of the 7-day trial to know if Betterhelp works for you. It certainly works with my lifestyle and helps me keep up with my mental health. If you have any questions  please let me know!


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